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Our tools are designed to make your life easier and our detailed reporting interface helps you make smarter business decisions.


At Nichepro, we make great value for money products that helps you get more. Now, manage your store better and with greater ease.

End-to-End Solution

Get much more than just a point of sale! Top notch support in addition to software, hardware, services; expert consultation to almost every kind of retail business.

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Product Highlights

SaralPOS provides a powerful set of tools that are versatile and will enable you to manage your store easily & efficiently.

SaralPOS was designed with ease of use in mind. A fast and fluid Modern User Interface enables users to accomplish their tasks quickly and effortlessly. You can process card, cash or credit note transactions easily & ring up sales quickly!

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Top notch Customer Service is Our Pledge & is central to our Business. With a dedicated Support Team, Help Desk & Remote Assistance we take care of your specific needs. We also offer comprehensive documentation to keep our customers informed.

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SaralPOS gives you access to exhaustive Usage Reports. Now, get a glimpse of your business, in the form of all encompassing reports, insightful dashboard and quick snapshots. Go ahead with the business plans you have made, and we'll do the heavy lifting for you!

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SaralPOS offers powerful & feature rich set of tools required to run your store efficiently. Continuous product development and innovation assures you reliable, high performing quality product. SaralPOS is designed to meet the evolving needs of your retail store, while keeping it easy to use.

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